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Fiorendino Bar and Cafe

Frikes Ithaca Island Greece Tel:+30 26740 31 037 Email: fiorendinobar@gmail.com

Peter and Dini Fatouros
the Greek/Australian boys who put the party back into Frikes

Catering for Flotilla Groups & Parties
Open 24 hours
Drink, dance, eat and get acquainted with Ithaca, day and night
Snacks Homemade sweets and
Full Bar
Satellite sports tv
& Happy Hour

No matter what time of day you sail into Frikes, Fiorendinos Bar and Cafe have the coffee on and a hardy snack ready to go.

Catering for Flotilla Groups

Wifi Internet Access

At night the party atmosphere and the friendly
and quick service at Fiorendino Bar and Cafe,
make all the difference to the best nights you'll have in Frikes, Ithaca
It's All Happening in Frikes Ithaca Greece

Contact Fiorendino Bar and Cafe for Party bookings, Flotilla group meetings and any other occasion you want to celebrate, or simply turn up and join in the fun!


Fiorendino Bar and Cafe
Frikes Ithaca Greece

Tel: +30 26740 31 037


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